Reporter Becky Griffin: We Need More Abortions To Curb Mass Shootings

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Reporter Becky Griffin calls for more abortions to curb mass shootings

Far-left reporter Becky Griffin has called on women to “abort more babies” in the aftermath of Wednesday’s mass shooting in Florida.  

The reporter-model took to Twitter on Thursday and claimed that shooter Nicolas Cruz wouldn’t have carried out the mass murder if his mother had aborted him instead of putting him up for adoption. reports: “Woman puts baby up for adoption, he grows up to be a violent young man who will spend the rest of his life in prison for a mass murder. Tell me more about how abortions are wrong,” Griffin wrote, in a tweet that went viral on Thursday, adding the hashtags #Florida and #ParklandSchoolShooting.

The former MTV personality’s tweet was in reference to an Associated Press report that Nikolas and his brother had been living with a family friend after the death of his adoptive parents.

Griffin later tweeted, “This drew so much attention by ppl jumping to conclusions like I think adoption is wrong, when all I said was that a woman who was clearly unfit to have a child — did — did NOT raise him — and maybe it could have turned out better if she could have made a CHOICE.”

Griffin was ripped on social media by pro-life activists and pro-choice Twitters users and responded to her detractors by sharing a link to a refuted study of how abortions reduce crime.

Cruz, 17, a former student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, has been charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder. Another 15 were reportedly hospitalized for injuries.


  1. Its ture there are far too many unfit parents and often they appear to be the most conservative respectable and appropriate societal role models and pillars of community too.Often they are really drunks and drug users, debauched sexual perverts ,drug traffickers ,money launderers,and actively networked into major criminal cabbals of enormous size and power reaching into government law polce media and all the elements needed for a successful huge global criminal corporations profits and securities .She sounds like an ignorant or naive person who oknoiwsz very little of the truth of the world and so shouldn’t really be judged too severely for her opportunistic eugeneciust political correctness.Despite it’s very Nazi indications ,one needs to remember it was propagated from London.

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