BBC Site Down – Temporarily Replaced By Clown

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test card
test card

The BBC News website went down temporarily today. Normal programming was replaced with a Clown and a chalkboard.

The iconic British image of the Test Card was temporarily replaced by the clown with what appears to be the number 500 written on its chalkboard. This is in contrast to the old Test Card which existed for over four decades and depicted a girl playing Naughts and Crosses on the said chalkboard.
The temporary page indicated the fault to be internal: “Error 500 – Internal Error”

The BBC News website buckled today, and users were instead greeted with this rather scary error message. The “Error 500” message says that fault could be due to “abnormal traffic” or the sites’ servers being unavailable. There’s also a rather creepy looking clown who is standing in-front of a chalk board and what looks like a fireball.

Internal Error

The BBC has since tweeted an apology for the outage, saying it’s working to get the site back up again, nonetheless it’s yet to reveal what’s behind the problem.