Batsh*t Babs: Adam Schiff Is an American Hero for Exposing Trump

Fact checked
Barbra Streisand gushes over 'American hero' Adam Schiff who she says exposed Trump

Trump-hating actress Barbra Streisand has declared that Rep. Adam Schiff is an American hero for single-handedly exposing President Donald Trump’s collusion with Russia.

According to Babs, Schiff’s new book Midnight in Washington is “very important” and a “must read”. The book contains over 500-pages in which Schiff painfully recounts his own starring role in leading the Trump-Russia-collusion witch-hunt.

“Adam Schiff’s very important book Midnight in Washington is a must read. It shows the ongoing danger to our Republic from the authoritarian right,” Streisand tweeted.

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“It’s well written and totally on point. The threat to our democracy is real!” reports: Schiff continues to bash Trump in the mainstream media. During a recent appearance on MSNBC to flack his book, the congressman said the Republican Party has turned into an “autocratic cult” of Trump.

“It’s just as you say, the Republican Party has turned into an autocratic cult of the former president,” Schiff told host Chris Hayes. “It is no longer wedded to even the idea of democracy.”