You Have A Secret Bank Account, Use It: Anonymous

Fact checked

Hacktivist group Anonymous has released details of a “secret bank account worth billions” that is available for the public to use.

An anonymous video guides the public on how to make transfers from the account to “pay off debts, buy a car or a house.”

Take advantage while you can, but hurry before the elite delete the video from YouTube, warns Anonymous.

Anonymous reports:

You are a corporation , your birth certificate is a contract. You are traded like cattle. You are a slave.

However ; You are a trustee and owner of that trust you knew nothing about, possibly worth billions.

Take advantage while you can, while the window is open before the elite change it.

We recommend just getting out debt with this information; you could in theory , with extra steps, purchase things but we advise even though the money is yours, under your name and info, that you don’t abuse it.

Watch the video below:

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