Prominent Researcher, Who Claimed Vaccines Cause Autism, Found Dead

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Researcher who exposed that vaccines cause autism found murdered

The body of a well-known autism advocate, who led research on how vaccines cause autism, was found floating in a canal last weekend. 

Jeana Beck, aka Gina Smith, was found floating in a canal behind the Roseway Inn where she and her family were staying on or around November 17th. reports:

Our hearts go out to the family and friends of the founder of “Unlocking Autism.”

Police said almost immediately they do not suspect foul play, which many experts have found absurd.

We have talked to several in Beck’s camp, one of whom said that if she were murdered, they do not believe it had anything to do with her autism advocacy.

We’ve added a Go Fund Me link since someone in her camp asked us- we are of course more than happy to do so: you can donate to the GOFUNDME and read it here.

We know Unlocking Autism was a follower of Age of Autism. (Their editor, Dan Olmsted, was found dead earlier this year of alleged suicide.)

As you can imagine, the family wants answers and aren’t ruling anything out. We will update you with more information as soon as we can.

In the meantime see our video below with news broadcast. The family says they want answers NOW. We are thinking of them.