Australian Open Tennis Players Rush To Help Ball Girl As She Collapses During Match

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Australian Open Tennis

Tennis stars Pedro Martinez and Federico Delbonis have been praised for their actions on Monday after they rushed to help a ball girl who appeared to faint at the side of the court during their first-round match at the Australian Open.

While the tennis players were applauded, it is not yet known what caused the girl to collapse.

Some reported that the heat was a factor, but as others noted the temperatute was only around 22 degrees in Melbourne at the time.

RT reports: The pair were contesting a first-set tiebreak when the youngster fell to the ground, prompting concern from Argentina’s Delbonis as he sprinted from the other side of the court to help.

Both he and Spanish ace Martinez attended to the ball girl as she was helped to a courtside seat.

According to Australia’s 7NEWS, the girl was checked by tournament medical staff and her condition improved after she had rested in the ball kids’ lounge.

It was not known what caused the worrying incident, although some cited the heat as a factor.

Martinez and Delbonis were praised online for their actions, with one popular sports account on Twitter saying the pair should “take a bow.”