Arizona Poll Worker Testifies Presidential Primary Election Was Rigged

Arizona poll worker Diane Post confirms election fraud at the primaries

An Arizona poll worker has testified in court that the recent presidential primary election was completely rigged – with computer systems giving some Democratic voters the wrong ballots, whilst listing other voters as belonging to the wrong party. 

Dianna Post told a courtroom that the machine she used during the elections to check voters at a Maricopa County location, failed to give at least 36 voters the proper ballot. reports:

“Every single time it happened to me it was a Democratic voter who wasn’t able to access a Democratic ballot,” she said.

Another 22 people at her location were listed in the wrong party, she said. Her polling place also ran out of ballots for at least two congressional districts.

Alisa Wolfe, a resident of Pima County, testified her voter registration was improperly changed from Democrat to independent.

Wolfe said she was able to vote provisionally after speaking to the Pima County Recorder’s Office and being told the problem was a computer glitch.

Before testimony began, Assistant Attorney General James Driscoll-MacEachron attempted to have the legal action dismissed. Among other things, he claimed the primary doesn’t fall within the scope of what electors can challenge.

The hearing before Maricopa County Superior Court Judge David Gass was convened after he rejected requests to dismiss the lawsuit.

It’s expected to last two days.

The Democratic Party and party candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are suing the state citing the “alarmingly inadequate number of voting centers resulted in severe, inexcusable burdens on voters countywide, as well as the ultimate disenfranchisement of untold numbers of voters who were unable or unwilling to wait in intolerably long lines,” according to the lawsuit.

Tucson resident John Brakey sued Arizona Secretary of State Michele Reagan and all 15 counties after the election. He contends long lines in Maricopa County suppressed the vote and statewide voter registrations problems led to illegal vote counts.

He wants the results decertified.

Donald Trump won the Republican race while Clinton won the Democratic race.

The attorney general said the primary results can’t be challenged and Brakey can’t show the results would change if the contest was allowed.

The county has acknowledged it made mistakes in operating the primary by dramatically cutting the number of polling places and widely underestimating Election Day turnout.

The U.S. Department of Justice has launched an inquiry into whether the county violated voting-rights laws.

  • Azstu

    I worked at Pima County Elections for couple of elections.. The whole place is rigged and controlled by the board of elections. Criminals from top to bottom. The staff are the innocent somewhat dim faces that are kept in the dark so that the board can continue to steal elections.

  • Azstu

    And feckless DOJ better get its ASS in gear and stop dicking around. This is the core of the nations democracy! And Obama better stay out of it too, and let lynch do her job. and LYNCH better DO her job..

    • James Smith

      The lynch you speak of is 100% an Israel war criminal enemy… period… and I can thoroughly prove it too, at; the one stop shop for the truth.

      • Dawn Anewday

        Then prove it.

        • James Smith

          Here’s your proof proof proof…

          • Morgan Sheridan

            One should never cite oneself as proof of anything. All you proved is you have an agenda and an axe to grind.

          • James Smith

            You’re a bald face liar and an aiding and abetting complicit war criminal genocidal thug and I can prove that too. I site over 250 publications.

        • James Smith

          Here’s your proof proof proof…

    • PrairieLady

      Lynch has Clinton ties.

  • Azstu

    And KUDOS to this guy Tucson resident John Brakey who sued Arizona Secretary of State Michele Reagan and all 15 counties after the election. He contends long lines in Maricopa County suppressed the vote and statewide voter registrations problems led to illegal vote counts.

    He wants the results decertified. WE ALL DO. .Your days of lying and cheating are over AZ.

    • KarenSez

      “We all do”? Who elected you to represent all of us? STFU

  • James Smith

    I can thoroughly prove the American people will only vote for a communist infiltrator…

    • Eucalyptus

      Go away troll.

      • James Smith

        When telling the truth someone always claims you’re a troll? But in reality you’re the troll trolling the truth.

        • Eucalyptus

          You are on a page that is pro one candidate, but you are spewing rhetoric for another, and doing so you are attempting to derail the conversation. This being a troll. It’s a fact NOT an opinion.

          • James Smith

            Why do you sound like cointelpro? Claiming I implied rhetoric jesters of any kind is a false statement. Like putting words in my mouth? If, as you claim I’m on a pro one candidate page, then you’re promoting a communist.

            It’s obvious you don’t know what you’re talking about? I proved all the candidates for U.S. president are in fact communists and Israel mass murdering Christian genocidal war criminals. If you’re a U.S. Constitutional patriot and vote in any U.S. election, you are in fact voting for a communist… period.

          • Eucalyptus

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          • James Smith

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            You now have the facts, don’t you? I know for an empirical fact you do.

          • James Smith

            Please feel free to use my outline to warn your Christian families of our impending genocide. You love your family correct? Sure you do? And you should “most certainly” tell them the truth too…. “correct?”

            You wouldn’t want your family members maimed or mortally wounded for not warning, informing or telling them the truth… would you? You now have the facts, don’t you? I know for an empirical fact you do.

            So what we really decipher you conveying is; you don’t have a clue or give a damn about the 2.2 million Christians that were just slaughter in Syria by our supposed U.S. congress?

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          • Chicho Blanco

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          • James Smith

            Prove it

    • WavieGirl

      The only thing you’ve proven is that you wear a tinfoil hat.

      • James Smith

        Which candidate for U.S. president isn’t a confirmed communist?

        • Mila Rad

          Four Christians and a Jew walk into a presidential campaign. Who gets invited to the Vatican? The Socialist Democrat

  • natesweet

    Too many “mistakes” for me to consider it coincidence. Clearly, those who run the system think we are idiots. They were not mistakes, these were actions made with intent.

    • Thatwackytech .

      FELONIES, plain & simple….

  • Kendrickdk

    The whole system is corrupt and has been for a long time. We are only now realizing how we’ve been duped… it’s like waking up from a dream and realizing you live in a nightmare. I don’t know what you would call this country but it sure as hell isn’t a Democratic Republic.

  • James Freeman

    How do we access the court documents? Need to be able to check the source to validate this.
    Thanks for reporting!

    • Mila Rad

      And to see who was behind it all. Huge missing story piece.

  • Misty Corrales

    “as to whether the county violated voting rights laws”….. oh, I’m pretty sure that we can all say they did.

  • phyllyanna

    I live in AZ, and am livid as to what had happened here….this is blatant voter fraud! There is no two ways about it….

    • Randy Hiner

      No. It is ELECTION fraud.

      • memiller

        Right — in case it is not clear let me amplify — VOTER fraud is what the right is complaining about, non-citizens voting which is practically nonexistent. They use this complaint to make voting harder for qualified voters, unnecessary new ID laws, cutting down polling places, etc. ELECTION fraud is what we are seeing around the country — election workers and administrators pulling shenanigans to discourage or throw away the votes of voters who are going to vote the “wrong” way. It is important that we use the correct word so we don’t feed right-wing propaganda.

        • ms willy nilly

          We NEED voter ID laws…………….you have to have ID for everything else and voter fraud…….you know those people voting more than once and getting on TV and bragging about it………..has got to stop.

          • Kat Mass

            Except that isn’t really happening. People aren’t voting more than once. They looked into it & it was non existent. This is happening.

          • Morgan Sheridan

            Voter ID laws don’t protect people from Election Fraud.

  • Jayney Lein

    Of course its violating voting laws you dumb fucks!!! How stupid can this country get?!

  • michaelstumpf

    The Bernie voters were ripped off and everybody knows it.

  • Mila Rad

    Rigged yes, but rigged by whom?

    • Liberal Trash

      Clinton and DNC.

      • Mila Rad

        Why haven’t any of the journalists covering this story asked this (obvious) important question and reported the even more important answer?

        • twinbeech2

          I think we know the answer to that. Why were there no journalists at Bernie’s 21,000 plus rally, but several who covered Clinton’s 800 person rally?

          Corporations own the news media.

  • Daniel Shawn

    Arm yourself w/ the Truth… Don’t VOTE 4 more of This
    HILLARY’s SENATE RECORD & Other Facts:

    (allows millions of $ from corporate interest to pour into the political process to fund campaigns by SuperPACs)

    (as 1st lady, hill advocated/lobbied for big cuts towards the needy & homeless in ’96 to reduce gov.spending. Military spending increased by 9 billion afterwords)

    DOMA ……………. … . VOTED FOR IT
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    (will result in emanate domain, taking lands from citizens so Oil Companies can profit, hill has recently flipped on this issue for political convenience)

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    TPP FREE-TRADE.. ……. . … . .VOTED FOR IT
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    (cost the tax payers 1.7trillion, destabilized the middle east, leading to ISIS today.. 700,000 estimated dead arabs, 4500 alley u.s. soldiers dead, countless more dismembered or suffering from postpartum war symptoms, Corporations like halliburton make $Billions off Iraq War)

    (as if Iraq wasn’t enough, sec.of state hill backed overthrows in Honduras, Libya, Yemen, Egypt, & now Syria furthering mass chaos in middle east)

    (bi-partisan free-trade expanded tax-loophole havens where $ can be hidden to avoid paying taxes …also resulted in more out sourcing of american jobs as in other free-trade deals)

    (the taking over of gov. funded Genetically Modified Organism companies in the farming sector pushing out family farmers, the non labeling of GMO’s in packaged foods in stores)

    (Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether, a chemical used by Big Oil & Gas discovered to be toxic to the environment & local water supplies causing cancer)

    (Hill was a “Goldwater Girl” worked for the Goldwater campaign which was anti-new deal, anti-welfare, anti-unions, anti-gay rights, anti-abortion, pro mass deportation ..Goldwater voted against The Civil Rights Act of ’64)

    ^Google it/ Yahoo it/ Wikipedia it… these are facts easily found all over the internet… …90% of the time Hill & Bernie were on the same side of the issues, mainly on MINOR Legislation….. but when it came to MAJOR Legislation that effected our wallets/purses even our environment & health, Hill sided w/ her Big $ Corporate Donors to line their pockets instead

    cut /copy /paste /share..
    PASS the Truth

    • Cydney

      Add to that their Whitewater land scam that bilked seniors of all their investment funds with a fine print clause in the contract. A clause like a loan shark. The Clintons were attorneys and knew this clause was highly unethical.

      No way should the Clinton duo and their Third Way Wall Street Reaganite ideology be allowed back in the White House. They have done far to much damage to this country and we the people.


  • Seattle_bound

    ANOTHER BLOG . . . that you won’t elsewhere in real news.

  • Thatwackytech .

    HOW the HELL does HITLARY get to SUE for “unfair voting” in ARIZONA, when TRUMP VOTERS DON’T GET TO VOTE AT ALL in Colorado????

  • Anna Marie

    This is how low it has gotten. If you can’t somehow magically show the voting results would be different if we had actually done our job then you can’t prove harm.
    Well every voter who did not get to vote was harmed.

  • Brett Tiernan

    In other words, this will be swept under the rug and wholly ignored, until the General election, where the same problems will occur.

  • twinbeech2

    So whatever happened to the lawsuit? What was the outcome?The article was dated April 26th.

  • allen329

    I hope this results in serious prison time for those involved. It has been happening all across this country, and it’s time a message is sent that it WILL NOT be tolerated!

  • KarenSez

    Rigged? Where does the poll worker say the election was “rigged”? She says it was f’ed up. Sanders and Clinton both filed complaints. This story is BS.