Antifa Plotting To Assassinate 53 Conservative Politicians – Media Blackout

Antifa planning to kill 53 populist politicians

Antifa activists are plotting to assassinate 53 populist politicians in Germany, according to several online posts uncovered by police.

The online posts were confirmed by German Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), which were made on far-left web platform Indymedia

Many of the posts made on September 13th called for deadly violence against the populist party.

One post said:

“Let’s kill the AfD pigs with explosives.”

A Google cache of the website also confirmed the existence of the posts on Indymedia.

The call to murder AfD politicians was also accompanied with literature that contained the home addresses for all 53 of the targetted politicians, including the member of the Thuringia state parliament Björn Höcke and managing director of the AfD parliamentary group, Bernd Baumann.

“The time has come for tough action. Höcke is one of those people who has to be killed,” on Antifa poster said.

Breitbart reports: Two criminal police offices are said to be investigating the death threats made against the politicians, with the suspects believed to be Antifa militants.

The call to murder AfD politicians was seen before in 2019, when an “assassination guide” was posted on Indymedia that gave detailed instructions on how to kill a member of the populist party, telling potential assassins to study public appearance dates and maps of venues to escape afterwards.

Indymedia itself has come under scrutiny from German authorities in the past, with the notorious website “Linksunten” being banned following the Hamburg G20 riots in 2017.

Despite the ban, militant extremists have used the web platform many times to take credit for attacks, such as the brutal assault on MP Frank Magnitz in January 2019, described by some as an attempted assassination.


  1. Fascism is simply the rule of Corporate Law over local state and federal government They are the fascists and joined at the hip pocket by the private corporate partners in crime. Communist crime. Brothers in arms under the Rule of Law from the Pope.

    • Wrong. Fascism is when the gov’t controls the corporations. Corporations controlling the gov’t is corporatism.

    • Maybe he did survive.? There’s people who knew him who say he did Anyway he stuffed Germany as an angliphike agent. He couldn’t have been so stupid as to ignore every officer who said it was dumb as it to attack Russia in tbe east when you were crumbling already in the Western front? That was so suiflcidal its no wonder the Germans tried to Jill him Pity they failed actually.

  2. ANTIFA is a guerilla organization and like all guerillas they hide among the population. Take the ‘Islamic’ terrorists as an example. The US and Allies tried for twenty years and couldn’t stop the flow of new members as they recruited and hid using the population. A few stupid members expose themselves and may be eliminated, but the majority will always remain.

  3. In general, the people that make up antifa are drug addicted mentally ill weaklings. So who are the professional mercenaries that are obviously hidden behind the walking dead?

  4. The Republican party is run by two martini lunch dinosaurs. Get rid of Mitch mummbles McConnell and put in new, young dynamic politicians willing to take on the toxic left.

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