Anonymous Satanic Video Causes Viewers To Die After Watching

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This Youtube satanic video has allegedly caused people to die after watching it

A creepy black and white two-minute video has left viewers scared, baffled, and according to rumours has left some viewers dead after watching it. 

The video features a masked person wearing a medieval plague-doctor costume, in a deserted building. All sorts of strange sounds and symbols are flashed throughout the video to the viewers in a style that is reminiscent of horror movie The Ring. reports:

[Note: Scroll down for video. Viewer discretion advised. Watch at your own risk]

The video’s title – 01101101 01110101 01100101 01110010 01110100 01100101 – is said to be binary code, and if googled or put into YouTube brings up a host of other weird clips, although non quite as odd as this.


When the code is converted to letters it spells out muetre which is Spanish for DEATH.

The video has also been linked to Satanism and a copy of it on a DVD with Satanic images was apparently sent to a Swedish tech blog.

This also included binary code which when deciphered translates to: “You have one year or less”.

Computer nerds have also translated the screeching sound track into a visual representation which it is claimed reveals an image of a woman being tied up or tortured with the chilling message: “You are already dead.”

And, when the audio from the DVD’s main menu is similarly displayed – using a spectrogram – it uncovers a picture of a skull.

The video has been discussed on various sites, including Reddit, where one user speculated: “At worst, its a terrorist threat or the work of some killer.”

Other techies have carried out a frame-by-frame analysis and said they found morse code and another set of numbers flashing up on screen – which they say are the GPS co-ordinates for the White House.

The morse code message apparently spells out REDLIPSLIKETENTH – an anagram of “kill the president”.

The video was apparently found on a park bench and posted on YouTube by a paranormal channel, but it initially failed to take off, until the Swedish tech blog received it and also posted a version.

Some viewers have likened it to the video in the horror movie The Ring.

This included a black and white film on a VHS video which contained a series of creepy images and symbols.

Anyone who watched it then received a phone call which warned them they had just days to live before meeting an untimely and grisly end.


One viewer said: “Is this some attempt at a video that kills you like the one from The Ring or something?”

Another said: “There is no way I am watching this through, I have heard that some people who did ended up dead.”

Of course, there is no evidence to suggest this has ever actually happened.

Other speculations are that it is just a slick promo for an upcoming Halloween horror or computer game or just a bored internet nerd is behind the film.

Warning: Watch video below are your own risk

VERY Creepy Video Leaves Viewers Scared And Baffled