Anonymous: November 2015 The Month “All Hell Breaks Loose”

Fact checked
Anonymous say November 5th 2015 will be the date that 'all hell breaks loose'

According to the activist group Anonymous and other researchers, November 2015 looks set to be the month where all manner of hell breaks loose.

From a stock market collapse, to major earthquake activity, and to Chinese missiles being fired at America.

End Times Forecaster documents all the potential events that will happen this month:

November 2015 could be the month that it all breaks loose; from a stock market collapse to a major judgment coming upon the world. Here are the things that we are watching.

Here are some general things that we are watching for the month;

The 9/23 events: If the Chinese calendar is in play then 9/23 is 11/4/15 and thus all the events that were signalled for the time around 9/23 may come into play.

Uptick in earthquake activity: 11/01/2015 Global Earthquake ForecastWest Coast Warning , Yellowstone Fissure and Volcanoes. Don’t forget the 11/11 alignment.

Stock market crash predicted:

Monster Sunspot: A large sunspot is threatening M and X class flares (HT Karen)

Popocatpetl: This volcano has been very active in recent days and has a key role in some end times prophecies.

Here are some time specific things we are watching.

November 3-5: Are You Ready For The Chaos Around November 3rd & 5th? They Will Crank Up Cern And Other Resonant Harmonic Frequency Electro-Magnetic Disturbance Devices Thus Distorting Earth’s Natural Hum!

November 3-7: Three Chinese guided missile destroyers will be in Florida.

November 4: Day of possible warning event to an 11/11/15 major event. Note: if the Chinese calendar is in play then this is a date to watch for the Hoover event.

November 5: Anonymous is promising a new day/ day of revolution. If you watch the video it seems they are signalling that they will turn the lights out. May point to a possible power grid hack attack?

November 11: Day of possible major judgment coming upon the world.

Nov. 20 – Dec. 13: CERN is scheduled to be operating at 1.15 PeV.