Americans Get Ready To Leave United Nations

As people of the world reject the New World Order's plans in droves, Congress are seizing the moment and pushing for the US to exit the United Nations.

As the people of the world continue to show signs they are waking up and rejecting the New World Order’s plans in droves, members of Congress are seizing the moment and pushing for America to exit the United Nations.

In the wake of Brexit, there is a growing belief that the idea of America exiting the UN is not only feasible but could capture the national imagination, as American citizens seek to defeat the corrupt global elite and regain control of their country.

Supporters of the bill say that the push to exit the UN is long overdue. They point to the billions of dollars wasted, while the UN consistently works against American plans. America pays more into the UN than any other country, yet American recommendations get vetoed by global elites with their own agenda.

Bill sponsors Thomas Massie (R-KY), Mike Rogers (R-MI), Tim Huelskamp (R-KS), Jeff Duncan (R-SC), Lynn Westmoreland (R-GA), and Ted Yoho (R-FL) recently released the text of their bill hoping to convince Americans to embrace the push to restore sovereignty of the country and reject the march towards a one world government.

From Rep. Massie:

In response to overwhelming interest in the bill to ‪#‎amexit from the UN, here is the full text of HR 1205, the American Sovereignty Restoration Act. Among other things, this bill would (1) stop US payments to the UN, (2) prevent US Armed Forces from serving under UN command, (3) terminate diplomatic immunity for foreign UN members in the US, (4) get the UN out of the US, i.e. close the headquarters in NY, (5) terminate US membership in the UN, WHO, UNESCO, (6) repeal the United Nations Environment Program Participation Act.

‪#‎brexit #amexit ‪#‎UNexit ‪#‎americout

1st Session
H. R. 1205


March 2, 2015
Mr. Rogers of Alabama (for himself, Mr. Massie, Mr. Duncan of Tennessee, Mr. Westmoreland, and Mr. Huelskamp) introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on Foreign Affairs

[Mr. Yoho and Mr. Duncan of South Carolina are also cosponsors]


To end membership of the United States in the United Nations.

1.Short title
This Act may be cited as the American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2015.

2.Repeal of United Nations Participation Act of 1945
The United Nations Participation Act of 1945 (Public Law 79–264; 22 U.S.C. 287 et seq.) is repealed.

(b)Termination of membership in United Nations
The President shall terminate all membership by the United States in the United Nations, and in any organ, specialized agency, commission, or other formally affiliated body of the United Nations.

(c)Closure of United States Mission to United Nations
The United States Mission to the United Nations is closed. Any remaining functions of such office shall not be carried out.

3.Repeal of United Nations Headquarters Agreement Act
The United Nations Headquarters Agreement Act (Public Law 80–357) is repealed.

The United States withdraws from the agreement between the United States of America and the United Nations regarding the headquarters of the United Nations (signed at Lake Success, New York, on June 26, 1947, which was brought into effect by the United Nations Headquarters Agreement Act).
4.United States assessed and voluntary contributions to the United Nations
No funds are authorized to be appropriated or otherwise made available for assessed or voluntary contributions of the United States to the United Nations or to any organ, specialized agency, commission or other formally affiliated body of the United Nations, except that funds may be appropriated to facilitate termination of United States membership and withdrawal of United States personnel and equipment, in accordance with sections 2 and 3, respectively. Upon termination of United States membership, no payments shall be made to the United Nations or to any organ, specialized agency, commission or other formally affiliated body of the United Nations, out of any funds appropriated prior to such termination or out of any other funds available for such purposes.

5.United Nations peacekeeping operations
No funds are authorized to be appropriated or otherwise made available for any United States contribution to any United Nations military or peacekeeping operation or force.

(b)Terminations of United States participation in United Nations peacekeeping operations.
No funds may be obligated or expended to support the participation of any member of the Armed Forces of the United States as part of any United Nations military or peacekeeping operation or force. No member of the Armed Forces of the United States may serve under the command of the United Nations.

6.Withdrawal of United Nations presence in facilities of the government of the United States and repeal of diplomatic immunity
(a)Withdrawal from United States Government property
The United Nations (including any organ, specialized agency, commission or other formally affiliated body of the United Nations) may not occupy or use any property or facility of the United States Government.

(b)Diplomatic immunity
No officer or employee of the United Nations (including any organ, specialized agency, commission or other formally affiliated body of the United Nations) or any representative, officer, or employee of any mission to the United Nations of any foreign government shall be entitled to enjoy the privileges and immunities of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of April 18, 1961, nor may any such privileges and immunities be extended to any such individual. The privileges, exemptions, and immunities provided for in the International Organizations Immunities Act of December 29, 1945 (59 Stat. 669; 22 U.S.C. 288 et seq.), or in any agreement or treaty to which the United States is a party, including the agreement entitled Agreement Between the United Nations and the United States of America Regarding the Headquarters of the United Nations, signed June 26, 1947 (22 U.S.C. 287 note), and the Convention on Privileges and Immunities of the United Nations, entered into force with respect to the United States on April 29, 1970 (21 UST 1418; TIAS 6900; UNTS 16), shall not apply to the United Nations or to any organ, specialized agency, commission or other formally affiliated body of the United Nations, to the officers and employees of the United Nations, or of any organ, specialized agency, commission or other formally affiliated body of the United Nations, or to the families, suites, or servants of such officers or employees.

7.Repeal of United States membership and participation in the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization
The joint resolution entitled A joint resolution providing for membership and participation by the United States in the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, and authorizing an appropriation therefor, approved July 30, 1946 (Public Law 79–565, 22 U.S.C. 287m et seq.), is repealed.

8.Repeal of United Nations Environment Program Participation Act of 1973
The United Nations Environment Program Participation Act of 1973 (22 U.S.C. 287 note) is repealed.

9.Repeal of United States participation in the World Health Organization
The joint resolution entitled Joint Resolution providing for membership and participation by the United States in the World Health Organization and authorizing an appropriation therefor, approved June 14, 1948 (22 U.S.C. 290), is repealed.

10.Repeal of involvement in United Nations conventions and agreements
Effective on the date of the enactment of this Act, the United States will end any participation in any conventions and agreements with the United Nations and any organ, specialized agency, commission, or other formally affiliated body of the United Nations. Any remaining functions of such conventions and agreements shall not be carried out.

11.Reemployment with United States Government after service with an international organization
Nothing in this Act shall be construed to affect the rights of employees under subchapter IV of chapter 35 of title 5, United States Code, relating to reemployment after service with an international organization.

Effective on the date of the enactment of this Act, the Secretary of State shall notify the United Nations and any organ, specialized agency, commission, or other formally affiliated body of the United Nations of the provisions of this Act.

13.Effective date
Except as otherwise provided, this Act and the amendments made by this Act shall take effect on the date that is two years after the date of the enactment of this Act.

Call your Congressmen, call your Senators, call your local representatives and tell them that it’s time to embrace our independence and end our membership in the United Nations.

While this bill is unlikely to succeed immediately, the world is changing rapidly, people are waking up, and the example of Brexit shows that people who are fed up with the status quo are capable of rising up and forcing change. Is #amexit next?

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • Robert Wolfe

    We don’t need the UN or their branch the WHO! They need us!

    • alice215

      we need each other.

    • James Smith

      Oh, the U.N. need us all right; to arrest them all as soon as possible… for mass murder and Christian genocide…

    • Dan6667

      Yep….I’m an Army Veteran….I know….The are nothing without us. We always have to take the lead for them. The don’t have a standing military anyway. They use their “member nations” to do their dirty work. It is a defective organization anyway…..needs to be done away with. I did 3 different U.N. deployments when I was in the Army. The first Gulf War, Somalia and ended my career after serving a year in Bosnia…..I hardly ever say a Blue Hat…..It was for the vast majority just us…..The U.N. should be completely done away with….it doesn’t work at all and is a total waste of money….total. Sleep well people….trust me….there are more people keeping an eye on what is going on in OUR COUNTRY than most people may realize…….

  • John Francis

    Way back when Bush senior was going on about the New World Order, I thought, who do you think you are? We the people never voted on this or expressed a desire to have your so-called New World Order!

    • Dan6667

      And we never will sir.

    • JTCoyoté

      No, actually we did cast our consent of sorts… in thinking this is a democracy, we voted or in our apathy didn’t vote for pro Constitution candidates. Not knowing this is a republic most folks don’t know the public in republic have the right and duty to badger and ride our Rep’s asses by phone, fax, snail mail, and email or in person on a regular basis to keep them on track… and if they don’t perform, we have the power of recall…

      A republic is much more user friendly than a fricking vote once, walk away, and take what you get democracy… don’t you think?


      • John Francis

        I agree. As Jefferson said democracy is mob rule. As you imply we are first and foremost a republic.

        I also agree with this statement below from the book, Great Controversy, and believe that the U.S. has declined to the extent that it has strayed from its’ founding principles (hopefully we’ll have a resurgence under Trump):

        “The Christian exiles who first fled to America, sought an asylum from royal oppression and priestly intolerance, and they determined to establish a government upon the broad foundation of civil and religious liberty. The Declaration of Independence sets forth the great truth that ‘all men are created equal,’ and endowed with the inalienable right to ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.’ And the Constitution guarantees to the people the right of self-government, providing that representatives elected by the popular vote shall enact and administer the laws. Freedom of religious faith was also granted, every man being permitted to worship God according to the dictates of his conscience. Republicanism and Protestantism became the fundamental principles of the nation. These principles are the secret of its power and prosperity.” p. 441.

    • Jackbat


  • James Smith

    The thoroughly communist U.N. is about culling world populations. Mass murder and nuclear genocide on a scale never before seen. Only a communist could vote for such a thing?

    • Aj Hollis

      UN was set up by the Khazarian/freemason Banking Mafia out of the City of London and Wall street. The same madia that control Western Natiins including the USA.

  • bernie

    I just think the man in the street, is fed up of the rich elite having all their own way.

  • Jonathan Hart

    (5) terminate US membership in the UN, WHO, UNESCO, <– do we get our Nat'l Parks back that have been deemed "World Heritage Sites"??
    (6) repeal the United Nations Environment Program Participation Act.<– Bill supported completely by Republicans… Environmental Program? Did they find oil in a UN controlled W.H.S.??

    • Dan6667

      They are not going to “keep” our National Parks. No way in hell sir. No foreign military is allowed to occupy any part of The United States of America. That is High Treason. I’m a Veteran….I know the U.N. well….They are NOTHING without us. And keep in mind that there are about a half a million able bodied Veterans in this country who are keeping a very close eye on what is going on in OUR COUNTRY. Not to mention the Active Military itself. If Obama even tried to bring foreign forces into this country The Joint Chiefs would immediately be obligated to remove him, by force if necessary, from power. We took an Oath to protect our country from enemies both foreign and domestic…..That Oath does not expire until the day we die. I’m an Oath Keeper……We are the silent watchers….Sleep well tonight….There are more people watching over OUR COUNTRY than people realize….

  • fredrick maximus

    4 THE USA to live the UN and all these other bodies isolates the nation, @ least maintaining control to a reasonable degree is paramount to the security of the united states, and i dont see how the US wanna survive without these policing organisations. quite unfortunate.

    • Connie Alsip


  • bernice

    Finally people are waking up, thought this would never happen. No New World Order for me, charity begins at home…. We need to take care of ourselves…period!!!

  • bernice

    Let the rich go fight their own wars and leave our names out of it. Go kill yourselves in some trumped up war for the sake of your new world order, and btw leave me in your will after all you wanted every drop of blood from us, now it’s time to pay us back.

  • Bill
  • Granger Null

    The best news I have heard in a long time

  • Wayne “Grandpaw” Watrous

    DO IT!!! For over thirty years I have been pushing to exit the UN and for the UN to get the hell out of the USA. The idea, way back when was a good one, for real. It has since morphed into an anti-American group of communist nations that want to destroy America and Israel. It is time to stop them in their tracks. Get out of the UN and give them a week to get out of the USA.

  • Connie Alsip

    Defund them and move them out of the USA. The hateful anti-American rhetoric by this One World organization is not promoting anything but the forced relocation of terrorists into our country. Furthermore, their troops, arms, vehicles etc. must be evacuated from our shores. Just look what Merkel has done to Germany! France is reeling from the mass immigration of muslim terrorists. Sweden’s women are under attack. Serbia says enough! Why are we still a member? Perhaps because Barack Hussein Obama, the muslim in chief, has aspirations of being the new chief?

  • Jahfre Fire Eater

    The struggle against oppression is a lifelong choice. There is no “there”there. This is a great start but don’t be discouraged when instant change is elusive. The fact that it took so long and that it took a British example to kindle the desire for freedom from the Global Cabal of the UN are history. Now that the struggle has begun it is unlikely to lose focus or appeal. Oppression begets a desire for liberty.

  • Ted

    The withdrawal of the USA from the UN and cut all ties with them would be a great first step to bringing America back to the world standing we once had. The money saved would help rebuild our military and make a good start to erasing our debts. Then the next step would be to balance our budget.

  • Kathleen

    We need to get ahold of our state representatives and tell the “No more UN for the USA “.

  • Dan6667

    The U.N. has never been a successful organization. Never. Every time we have gotten involved in any U.N. crap Our Military has had to lead the way. They are “defective”. I’ve done 3 different U.N. sponsored missions. The First Gulf War. Somalia. And ended my career in the Army after serving a year in Bosnia. Their idiots and do not have any power anyway without us….NONE!!! So I really do not understand why people are freaking out about them invading our Country….That just ain’t going to happen…If Obama ever tried that he would be immediately removed from office for High Treason. No foreign Army is allowed to occupy or invade our Country…NONE. If Obama even attempted to do this the Joint Chiefs would be obligated to remove him from power. And if somehow he did sneak them in here, which is highly unlikely, we would kick their asses right back out…..The U.N. does not have a standing Military. It uses its member nations to take care of its dirty work….and what member in its right mind is going to attempt to invade the United States of America….As a Veteran I know for a fact that myself and about a half million of my still able bodied Veterans would definitely not let that happen….Those poor bastards would get slaughtered…..And that’s all I got to say about that….To all a goodnight….sleep well and safe. There are more people out there keeping a close eye on what’s going on in our Country than some of you may realize.

  • Finder1009

    Long overdue. The UN has been pushing an agenda contrary to American Interests for many years now.

  • vinmakare

    There are very many other locations and places from which US should get out from.
    It is a horror track record and especially now, when US keeps on creating new enemies all time, before being able to solve any self induced calamity

  • CrustyOldGeezer

    I’m in favor of keeping a close eye on Americas ENEMIES by remaining IN the UN.

    However, There are 193 ‘member nations’, OUR PERCENTAGE of funding is exactly 193rd of the annual budget.

    That total would include any military equipment or weaponry, and THAT will be FULLY CONTROLLED and IN POSSESSION OF OUR MILITARY EXCLUSIVELY!

    “Lease payments” for the structure that houses and UN agency on US SOIL will be charged at double the local area rates for such businesses and TAXED at full value by the local governments..

    ZERO military equipment, including weapons or personnel will be stationed on US SOIL for any reason at any time.

    “Diplomatic Immunity” is ONLY EXTENDED TO diplomats and WILL NOT cover any acts of violence or other major crime against AMERICAN CITIZENS!

  • Michelle Castañeda

    Yes get us out of the UN. Stop giving them our money as well.

  • bbb

    The UN owes America trillions of dollars in unpaid expenses originally guaranteed when the World wanted the building and land in NYC, USA.
    For the last fifteen years the UN president, VP, Secretary, committee chairs, advisors, etc. have all been Muslims.
    Visit the UN building. Inside are horrific posters, pictures, statues and papers showing how vile America is. Brochures and literature explaining how vicious, mean, selfish, despicable, immoral and utterly worthless Americans are.
    Now that the building is needing expensive repairs the UN is doing nothing but complaining that America must pay to fix it.
    The US must get out of the UN.

  • aznative

    The power of this nation was given to we the people and our states. They would have never promoted a UN on our shores.

    It is over. Restore the 10th amendment now!

  • aznative

    Same with illegal BLM (land). Read the establishment of DC history. They were to be very little involved in our lives period.

    Remember the 10th amendment:

    BLM is a Foreign Corporation…

    BLM is actually a sub-corporation of UNITED STATES INCORPORATED, a private foreign owned off-shore corporation since its last incorporation in 1925, copyrighted, trademarked and registered in Puerto Rico…

    Under the Reorganization Act of Washington District of Columbia, by it’s own private business charter, neither the BLM, nor any other federal/corporate agency has lawful/legal authority, jurisdiction or interstate nexus within the 50 state geographical landmass…

    BLM, is actually classified as an: “Agent of Foreign Principle”, under the intergovernmental Personnel Act…

    In other words, they don’t represent the Constitutional Republic or the interests of the American People but rather, a foreign owned principle i.e., the international banking/military corporate cartel of London City, England known as Crown Corporation as their supreme authority…

  • aznative

    It is our governors job to protect state sovereignty not Washington DC.

  • aznative

    Land more:

    In another case, the Court claimed the federal government had no jurisdiction over crimes committed within the 50 States.20
    “In the United States of America, there are two separate and distinct jurisdictions, such being the jurisdiction of the states within their own state boundaries, and the other being federal jurisdiction (central government), which is limited to the District of Columbia, the U.S. territories, and federal enclaves within the states, under Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17.” “The article which describes the judicial power of the United States is not intended for the cession of territory or of general jurisdiction… Congress has power to exercise exclusive jurisdiction over this district, and over all places purchased by the consent of the legislature of the state in which the same shall be, for the erection of forts, magazines, arsenals, dock- yards, and other needful buildings.”21
    “Special provision is made in the Constitution for the cession of jurisdiction from the States over places where the federal government shall establish forts or other military works. And it is only in these places, or in the territories of the United States, where it can exercise a general jurisdiction.”22

    In summation, the Supreme Court has declared the federal government has no authority or jurisdiction over individuals or issues not involving interstate commerce or issues not involving federal territory. Neither Congress, nor the President, can pass laws that govern life or activities within the boundaries of the several States. “Police” powers are not explicitly granted to the central (federal) government and thereby fall within the purview of the 10th Amendment Clause of the Bill of Rights.
    The points addressed in this document are not all that require redress, but rather presented to identify violations and disjointed (often overbearing) management of our public lands. The lack of federal Coordination and the inaccurate scientific studies to mention two, must also be addressed, as the federal agencies seem to blatantly ignore.
    At the beginning of this document, reference was made proposing a possible solution. To that end, I would begin with a point made in the Congressional Record referred to several times from Hon. Jim
    Gibbons of Nevada, to wit:
    “forest reserves were not federal enclaves subject to the doctrine of exclusive legislative jurisdiction of the United States. Local peace officers were to exercise civil and criminal process over these lands. Forest Service rangers were not law enforcement officers unless designated as such by state authority.”33
    Put police enforcement back where it belongs, within the several States, or political subdivisions. In these tough economic times, it would put our citizens back to work; by sub-contracting to local authorities for Law Enforcement services it would most certainly provide a cost savings benefit to the federal government; and places the protection of our forests and natural resources with those having a real stake in the safety, health, and welfare of the community they serve.
    It is my hope; this letter will serve as a starting point of discussion.

  • aznative

    Kris Anne Hall constitutional attorney on Oregon.

    She is dead right and on point.

    What’s Really Going on in Oregon! Taking Back the Narrative ! KrisAnne Hall

    The biggest problem is that the federal govt had seized too much land in the states that they have no right too. And when they start setting up events like this all over the country for an unconstitutional and illegal agenda against we the people who own this nation it shows they no longer work for us and should not only be fired but held accountable for these dangerous false flags.

    This is an illegal agenda by this illegal unconstitutional foreign radical regime now occupying our White House. The White House belongs to we the people period. Obama is just a temporary visitor.

  • aznative

    -Article I, Sec. 8, Clause 17 states, The Congress shall have power: To exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten Miles square) as may, by Cession of particular States, and the Acceptance of Congress, become the Seat of the Government of the United States, and to exercise like Authority over all Places purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the Same shall be, for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings.

    Through this section of the Constitution We the People granted unto congress an area of land 10 miles x 10 miles, so 100 square miles for the purpose of being the seat of government. We know this area as Washington DC. This land had to be carved out of existing States. Notice that it was not taken by force but “…as may by Cession of particular States … become the Seat of Government…” The States from which it came voluntarily ceded the land to Congress; they did this only for the purpose of it becoming the seat of government, and no other purpose.

  • aznative

    State Sovereignty
    The 10th Amendment states:

    “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

    The Constitution delegated few, enumerated powers to the Federal Government, reserving all remaining powers to the States and the people. Thus, powers of the Federal were the exception.

    The federal government has no authority to mandate policies relating to state education, natural resources, transportation, private business, housing, health care, ad infinitum.

    We call upon the states to reclaim their legitimate role in federal affairs and legislation (See Amendment 10 United States Constitution) and thus cause the federal government to divest itself of operations not authorized by the Constitution and extract the federal government from such enterprises, whether or not they compete with private enterprise.

    synonyms: forever, for ever and ever, evermore, always, for all time, until the end of time, in perpetuity, until hell freezes over; perpetually, eternally, endlessly, interminably, unceasingly, unendingly, forevermore; informal until the cows come home, until kingdom come; archaicfor aye
    “this story will be told and retold, ad infinitum”Two key words: ad infinitum.

    Forever and ever. Which means congress or any part of the federal govt never had the rights or power to be involved in state issues or own land in the states period other than approved military bases. The majority of federal agencies are not only illegal and unconstitutional but are nothing but organized crimes syndicates embezzling our tax dollars for their own benefit. You can bet the founding fathers would have cleaned house in DC long before now.

    EVER! So all these laws and agencies are illegal because they never had authority to even occupy offices in the states or state land ever!

  • Cee

    Are we really to believe that President Obama is crying about the United Nations? The citizens are crying that he gave the UN our national monuments.

  • John Galvin

    When ww2 ended and the UN started my father laughed his head off . Said it was a stupid political move to create trouble down the road Trying to make your enemies your freinds