American Missile Destroys Russian Tank In Syria

Fact checked
American missile destroys Russian tank

The Free Syrian Army have released footage of American troops firing a missile and destroying a Russian tank during recent fighting in Aleppo, Syria. 

The militants say the footage shows an a rocket attack coming from an American TOW 2A on a Russian T-90 tank. reports:

The footage was captured during recent fighting in Aleppo. Experts say that the tank in the photos is actually a T-72B, but the militants have claimed it is a T-90.

At the time, the terrorists claimed that the tank was destroyed, but other bandits reported that the tank was hit but is still operating.

The “FSA 1st regiment” announced: “A TOW has destroyed a T-90 at the Tel al-Syriatel hill in the Aziza district of southern Aleppo.”

One of the bandit groupings of the FSA then wrote: “A T-90 was damaged on a hill south of Aleppo after a TOW missile hit it.”

Judging by the recovered footage, the anti-tank rocket hit the frontal armor of the Russian tank, but no particular consequences are evident.