ADHD Drug Adderall ‘Is Basically Crystal Meth’ Warns Doctor

ADHD big pharma drug Adderall is just like crystal meth, doctor warns

A whistleblower doctor has recently spoken out against the dangers of popular ADHD Big Pharma drug Adderall, saying it is “basically the same as crystal meth“. 

Dr. Carl Hart, an associate professor of psychology and psychiatry at Columbia University, spoke with Chris Hayes on MSNBC , and pointed out that Adderall is prescribed to a staggering number of children in the U.S., including 10,000 toddlers , and that the drug is the leading cause of violence in American youth. reports:

Hart went on to discuss crystal meth and made a statement that would surprise many of the mainstream viewers who were tuned into the show, that it is basically the same thing as Adderall, something that is entirely legal and is prescribed to millions. When Hayes replied back that this couldn’t have been true, Hart mentioned a number of studies where the drugs were actually compared and found to be nearly identical.

One thing that was not discussed in the quick interview was the fact that harsh and highly synthetic street drugs would actually not exist if it were not for prohibition. In environments where drugs are legal, there is no incentive for people to create these dangerous synthetics because pure and safe drugs are available to them at low costs.

This is not a perspective that is encouraging drug use, but rather an understanding that prohibition does not work, and that people are going to use illegal substances one way or another if that is what they want to do. In addition to not working, prohibition also makes life more dangerous for everyone because the drugs are dirtier, and a violent black market develops which impacts the lives of everyone.

  • Gary M. Marino

    No, it’s Not. regular amphetamine, at correct dosage, is No more potent than a large Espresso… It is when you add a Methyl group to the Amine Nitrogen in Amphetamine that the shit gets crazy… Besides, for kids under 12, Amphetamine actually has a calming effect…

    • Kokopelli

      Do we give our toddlers double shots of espresso? I certainly hope not! All amphetamines are neurotoxic when taken regularly over an extended period of time; meth is the worst of the bunch, but none of them are healthy.

      • Gary M. Marino

        Amphetamins does not act as a stimulant in pre-teens. Their metabolism is different. Amphetamine has a calming effect on pre-teens.

  • Andi Magenheimer

    Bringing up prohibition is ridiculous for this kind of thing– prohibition of alcohol was a failure because there is a long human history of social drinking. There’s no goddamn social amphetamine use outside of a capitalist worker agenda