Adam Schiff Named As ‘Person of Interest’ in VIP Child Sex Ring Investigation

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Rep. Adam Schiff has been caught up in a child sexual exploitation investigation that has already ensnared some of his closest friends, according to law enforcement sources in Los Angeles.

Rep. Adam Schiff has been caught up in a child sexual exploitation investigation that has already ensnared some of his closest friends, according to law enforcement sources in Los Angeles.

But the big prize is still to come, as investigators ensure sure that all of their ducks are in a row and all of the evidence they are gathering will stick, according to sources.

Is Schiff another high-profile man with certain predilections who is “hiding in plain sight?” Considering the nature of the friends he keeps, you wouldn’t want to bet against it.

Serial predators have a way of flaunting their deranged success, rubbing it in the faces of their victims. It’s a type of psychopathy common among the globalist elite.

While Schiff’s defenders claim it is just a coincidence that he is close friends with a number of recently arrested pedophiles, a deeper dive into his pattern of behavior reveals serious question marks about the nature of the man.

And emerging reports suggest the net is now closing in on Schiff and threatening to completely expose his depraved LA-based network.

Just last week, Dr. Bruce Hensel, a former NBC medical correspondent and long-term close friend of Schiff, pleaded no contest to charges that he pressured a 9-year-old girl to send him explicit sexual photos.

Schiff and Dr. Hensel have been closely linked for years, with the LA Times describing the doctor as a “special guest” at Schiff’s 50th birthday party in Los Angeles in 2010. Schiff also handpicked Dr. Hensel to work with him on health care townhalls in California and has been the recipient of big dollar donations from the 71-year-old doctor throughout his political career.

Now Hensel is just another member of Schiff’s inner circle who has been found guilty of sickening child sex crimes.

Hensel’s arrest came as the child sexual exploitation investigation expanded to include associates of Schiff, and it was discovered that the TV doctor was in the process of attempting to seduce the 9-year-old after inappropriate messages and photographs were shared.

Months before his no contest plea, text messages between Hensel and the 9-year-old, which were exchanged between March and August 2019, were sent to the state’s medical board. They showed that Hensel asked the child to send him images that he described as “sexy and private.”

Records revealed that he wrote in one text, “I have always been good special friends and you feel safe with me so I will protect you and get you something. They could maybe make you a star if you are willing to take some risks.”

What the nature of those “risks” entailed did not become clear during the court case.

Unbelievably, Hensel was only sentenced to an incredibly lenient 18 months probation.

Adam Schiff chose not to comment on the guilty verdict of his long-term close friend.

If you need more proof that pedophilia is becoming normalized in society, the father of Hensel’s child victim even told the TV doctor that he forgave him for attempting to have sex with his 9-year-old daughter. Only in Los Angeles…

Which is where another member of Schiff’s inner circle was arrested, charged and found guilty of horrific sex crimes.

Last year Ed Buck, the Democrat mega-donor who is a very close friend of Adam Shiff, was sentenced to 30 years in prison after being convicted of drugging, raping and killing gay males.

Rep. Adam Schiff and Ed Buck (center) outside a house in California.
Rep. Adam Schiff and Ed Buck (center) outside his house in California.

The 67-year-old Los Angeles reprobate was slapped with the prison sentence over the deaths of 26-year-old escort Gemmel Moore and porn actor Timothy Dean.

The judge slammed the ‘horrific’ and ‘reprehensible’ crimes but refused to lock him up and throw away the key. She said the fact Buck was abused by his father and a priest when he was a child were ‘mitigating circumstances’ in his crimes.

In 2021 Buck was convicted on charges he injected gay men with methamphetamine in exchange for sex, leading to two deaths and other overdoses.

Buck was found guilty of all nine felony counts against him, with the verdict coming exactly four years after Moore was found dead in Buck’s Hollywood apartment.

Adam Schiff chose not to comment on the guilty verdict of his close friend.

According to sources these two cases are just the tip of the iceberg and justice is coming for more of Schiff’s inner circle, including the man himself.

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