9/11 Hidden In Movies: Satanic Hollywood (Video)

Fact checked
9/11: Satanic Hollywood

This video shows a series of rare clips that show how Hollywood is demonically inspired by satanic rituals and symbolism, and how 9/11 was predicted many years before it happened via Hollywood programming.

According to the video’s creator:

If you hang in here and really want to see the extent of this watch it ALL… it gets into some MUSICIANS who also ARE DEMON INSPIRED… and give warnings of the 9/11 ritual sacrifice…

I have known the truth about 9/11 for a while now, but when i first came across this truth, that Hollywood not only knew but hid it subliminally in their movies etc it ended the argument that it was anything but a pre-planned ritual event.

*Update, gone through hell and high water to get this live. Most likely will be removed, worth downloading and reposting if you guys see the value in this truth!


This video will STUN you if your looking for truth on the issue of 9/11 and are on the fence…

Countless references and predictive programming from the hollywood films and music… it was a long planned ritual event.