9/11 Eyewitness Comes Forward: ‘New York Port Authority Controlled The Planes’

911 eyewitness claims that the planes were controlled remotely from the ground

A first responder who arrived at the World Trade Center on the morning of the September 11 has come forward with new information about who really flew the planes into the Twin Towers. 

According to eyewitness Patrick Dillon, he witnessed New York Port Authority chief John P. O’Neill admit that the planes were being “controlled from the ground.”

Dillon was one of the first responders on the morning of 9/11, and helped to rescue a key survivor who was injured from falling debris while protecting a high-level official in the Emergency Command Center bunker.

Intellihub.com reports: Engulfed in a cloud of hot dust, looking for survivors, the brave first responder had worked his way down into the “smoking ruin of steel” by traversing piles of concrete and other obstacles.

During his descent Dillon recalls noticing that most of the steel in ‘the pile’ seemed to be cut at a “45-degree” angle and was primarily found “in about 30-foot sections,” which is atypical of a gravitational collapse from a fire. That’s when Dillon received a call on his radio to go help rescue an injured woman from the control bunker where a counter-terrorism team had assembled after the North Tower collapsed.

The woman was a Czech National who was employed by the New York Port Authority as a “bodyguard” for the Port’s new security chief John P. O’Neill.

“At one point before the South Tower had been hit by an airplane, apparently, she [the Czech National] saw John O’Neill get a call on his cell phone inside the bunker. He listened to the call, clicked off the cellphone and then said to everyone else around the command table, quote, unquote, ‘They are controlling the planes from the ground’,” Dillon explained.

Dillon said that he found out the shocking information months later after being approached by the same woman at a book launch who told him the chilling details as she was “chain smoking.”

Dillon believes that there were a number of explosions which detonated that day which were “designed to weaken” the towers before their collapse and said that he thinks that “nano-thermite” was used as well.

So who was John P. O’Neill?

John P. O’Neill was a Special Agent in Charge of an FBI counter-terrorism team until late 2001 when he took a job as head of Port Authority security systems and was sworn in on Sept. 10, 2001, just one day before the attacks where he perished on the 49th floor trying to rescue survivors.

According to Dillon, at one point before his death John P. O’Neill was “the number one Osama Bin Laden hunter” who had at one point surrounded Bin Laden and his team at a cave in Bora Bora before being told to stand down with the capture.