UK Government Covering Up 500 Dead In London Grenfell Tower Fire

UK government coverup 500 dead in Grenfell Tower fire

The British government in collusion with the mainstream media have covered up the deaths of hundreds of people who died as a result of the Grenfell Tower fire.

According to a local resident, the more than 500 people unaccounted from Grenfell Tower are actually dead. reports:

London Police Commander Stuart Cundy told reporters on Saturday that 58 people are feared dead in the fire.

According to reports, however, the building was home to about 600 people.

Nadia told Press TV’s correspondent in London, Camilia Shambayati, that only 76 out of some 600 people who were living in the building where she grew up, had been accounted for and more than 500 residents were still missing.

“Where are the missing people? Where is the list of the 500, 600 people living in that building,” she asked.

“Where is everyone,” she further asked, adding, “Little kids are asking: ‘Where are my friends?'”

She insisted that the missing residents had all died and the UK media, particularly BBC, had censored the news.

“Everyone has died and no one is telling them,” she said, adding that, “the news can’t pick it up” referring to the alleged media blackout of the fatalities.

On Wednesday June 14, a massive fire erupted at London’s Grenfell Tower.

The building is a 24-story, 67-meter high tower block with 120 separate apartments in North Kensington, west London.

The cause of the fire, where many of the residents were Muslims, is not yet known and the deadly incident is under investigation.


  1. My cousin lived in that building and the local neighbours have a confirmed list of 346 people that are not accounted for.. the authorities have threatened them to keep their mouth shut and do not talk to the media or post the list on social media…this is the new UK…… THE NEW ..NEW WORLD ORDER LAWS…

  2. Chances are, if your apt burned down, you’d go elsewhere. This may bc true, but evidence is required. Mopst of the victims will have relatives. Perhaps someone who could afford the $50 a year can create a public registry like: GrenfellFireVictims .com or whatever. :”If you know personally or are related to anyone who died in this horrific fire, please add their name and as much information about them and your relationship to them as possible.”
    Something like that.

    • There were 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom flats in there.That doesn’t mean 1, 2, 3 and 4 people in each. There will have been way more with those rents. Some had housing benefit, some had a housing benefit top-up for their low wage, some were couples, working flat shares and large families. A 4 bedroom flat is without doubt a large family, you’d need to have a very large family to ever qualify for one in the first place, not only married couples and kids, but also another generation, grand parents etc. There was a slaughter in that tower and our filth of a ‘government’ is covering it up.

      • No, they were all 1 and 2 bedroom flats after the renovation. 120 of them, 6 per floor, spread over 20 floors, 2 x 1 bedroom per floor and 4 x 2 bedroom per floor. That makes 10 bedrooms per floor. If every bedroom had two people sleeping in it, that would be 400 people, tops.

          • Look at the voter’s list .If you want to exist credit wise then you must be on the “Electoral Register”!

        • As I said to someone else above you’re forgetting about Ramadan. Many Muslims would have had guests staying with them too which would greatly increase the numbers in the tower block.

        • I’ll take my lead from the surviving tenants themselves who said live on the news in the immediate aftermath that there were 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom flats in that block. Plus, you’re ignoring guests, sofa surfers and probably some overcrowded flats.

          Not all floors were identical. This is a blue print for the layout of a 4 bedroom floor in Grenfell Tower. Each of them also had 2 exits in case there was a fire in their own flat. The smaller adapted flats wouldn’t have had 2 exits.

          • That is one of the floorplans from before the renovations. Afterwards, for the sake of minimizing cost, they were all the same.

          • Yes, that’s an original image, the point was to show how the 4 bedroom flats looked. Remember some of them would have been bought, kept, or even sold on as 4 bedroom flats. There were large families living in that block and not in tiny two bedroom flats. I watched it on the night and the survivors were saying it at the time, live on air, amidst the panic, that there were 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom flats in there.

  3. Council tax payments will not be made, so fake summonses will be sent, just stop the postman, he/she will have all the residents names, as will the local council offices. So there really cant be a cover up, unless the government is actually a bunch of shameless murdering barstewards, like we all believe.

  4. Feel a bit ambivalent on this one. Logic dictates given the figures involved and the way the fire spread that there will be many more people who died, possibly hundreds but is it a cover up? The reason I say this is because they have to do the painstakingly grim task of assembling some kind of identifcation as the body and the relative needs to know first that their loved one is found. What if they just took guesses on people and a person turned up alive and well? They could be sued. I think it is more of downplaying the situation and, as it was unprecidented I don’t think they know how to properly handle this. They should though give us a more realistic figure as I agree what they are saying publically seems at odds with common sense.

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