Over 11,000 Non-Citizens Registered to Vote in Pennsylvania

More than 11,000 non-citizens registered to vote in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania officials confirmed on Wednesday that over 11,000 non-citizens are illegally registered to vote in the state.

The Washington Times reports that a top Pennsylvania lawmaker called the state to urgently expunge the names of 11,198 non-citizens whom the state confirmed are registered to vote.

State Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, a Republican and former chairman of a House government oversight panel, said the administration of Gov. Tom Wolf, a Democrat, belatedly acknowledged the large number of noncitizens in communications over the past two months.

“I believe that we need to take action and have those people removed immediately from the rolls,” Mr. Metcalfe told The Washington Times. “They were never eligible to vote.”

Thegatewaypundit.com reports: A so-called ‘glitch’ in the ‘motor voter’ process allowed for non-citizens to easily register to vote in Pennsylvania.

Recall, the ‘Motor Voter Act’ was signed by Bill Clinton in 1993 and has expanded exponentially by Democrat lawmakers since it went into effect in 1995.

Just a few days ago, the Texas Attorney General announced a voter fraud alert and confirmed Texas found nearly 100,000 non-citizens registered to vote.

Last Friday, Texas Secretary of State David Whitley issued an advisory on voter registration list maintenance activity and the analysis revealed tens of thousands of non-citizens are not only registered to vote, but they are voting in elections.

The Texas Secretary of State announced Friday: 95,000 individuals identified by DPS as non-U.S. citizens have a matching voter registration record in Texas, approximately 58,000 of whom have voted in one or more Texas elections.

In November, Project Veritas exposed election official admitting “tons” of non-citizens were voting in the midterms in Texas.

Non-citizens voting in US elections is precisely why Democrats want open borders.

“Any illegal vote deprives Americans of their voice,” said the Texas AG Ken Paxton.

This is real voter suppression.

The President is aware of the voter fraud committed by non-citizens and tweeted about it, calling for voter ID.

“58,000 non-citizens voted in Texas, with 95,000 non-citizens registered to vote. These numbers are just the tip of the iceberg. All over the country, especially in California, voter fraud is rampant. Must be stopped. Strong voter ID!” Trump said.